Monday, May 22, 2017

Saint Peters Engineering College (SPEC)

Saint Peter's Engineering College seems real enough, but its conference marketing leaves something to be desired.  The spam from Hyderabad contains an absurd confidentiality notice, and the conference website (5/22/17) includes the slogan "Giving Wings to Thought" and the observation that "The conference also providing facilities for discussing between various participants to improve their knowledge, research ability and group works/collaboration works." It also includes a picture of a Springer journal, with the caption "Publication Partner" although the connection between the conference and the journal seems to be more aspirational rather than actual -- "About Conference" section explains that "The proceedings of the conference will be submitted to springer journal - Global Social Welfare."
From: Yamini S []
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 2:44 AM
Subject: [SPAM?]
Respected Author(s), Greetings from St. Peter’s Engineering College. We are happy to inform you regarding our International Conference on "Current Research on Human Rights and Social Justice (CRHS-2017)”. In the course of 26th to 28th October. All the approved papers are planning to submit in Springer Journal of "Global Social Welfare". Deadline for Abstract/Full paper submission extended: 05th June 2017. Please know us at: Please find the complete details of Journal as attached below. [There was an attached Word document that I chose not to open.]
[No signature line]
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  1. The dirtbag spammed me on May 3, using the name of Divya V ; on May 10, through the name Lavanaya S []; on May 18, as Varun Kumar []; and on May 22, as Hari L []. It seems that he is constantly changing his names and e-mail addresses in the hope of evading spam filters and making it harder to shut him out.

    Apparently the guy registering the domains is one Siva Ganesh Malla -- see
    (he also runs journal scams).

    Anyway, two were addressed to "Dear Scholars/Faculty", and two to "Respected Author(s)" because Siva Ganesh Malla doesn't really care about the identities of the people he spams. The first three specified a deadline of May 20, which was extended to June 5.

    Now June 5 is also the deadline for submitting papers to the Special Issue of the journal "Global Social Welfare" which Siva Ganesh Malla is using to promote this scamference. So he does not have time to review papers and pass them onto the supposedly targetted journal.

    Google indicates that he was running the conference con last year as well, for "Applications of Soft Computing Techniques", "Recent Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology"; "Current Research Trends in Power, Nuclear, Fuel & Energy"; "Hybrid and Composite Materials, Chemical Processing". All on the same weekend, mind you, and probably all sharing the same room.

    Imagine my surprise to find a conman located in Hyderabad.

  2. Update: last year's "Recent Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology" was an umbrella title for the whole congeries of multiple coinciding meetings.

    So *this* year, 26-28 October, St Peters College will be hosting conferences on Current Research on:
    "Human Rights and Social Justice";
    "Anthropogenic Controls on Geoenvironmental Disasters" (offering publication in a Special Issue of the Springer journal 'Geoenvironmental Disasters');
    "Photometric Systems and Resolution" (Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy);
    "Computational Financial Intelligence" ('Financial Innovation' journal);
    "Human-Centred Tradition of Science & Technology" ('AI & SOCIETY' journal);
    "Gynecologic Cancers" ('Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology');
    "Innovative Research on Deterministic Modeling of Biochemical Processes" ('Silico Pharmacology');
    "Forest Structure and Diversity" ('Forest Ecosystems');
    "Desalination of Water and Drinking Water Treatment" ('Applied Water Science'). And possibly more. It's going to be a busy auditorium.