Saturday, March 2, 2019

Phronesis is for "highly affiliated people"

Phronesis LLC "organize[s] international conferences across the different places in the world, with an aim to provide an excellent forum for upcoming young researchers, scientists, professors and other highly affiliated people to share their research in that particular field." Enough said, but some information on the company and its nascent journals is posted on the Flaky Academic Journals blog. According to its emails to me, I am an expert in immunology, microbiology, and polymer chemistry. Not bad for someone who has never researched or published on these subjects.
  • From: Immunology and Microbiology []
    Date: Mar 2, 2019, 11:26 PM
    Subject: Immunology and Microbiology session: Toxicology 2019
    Dear Dr. David H Kaye
    Greetings from Toxicology-2019!!
    You have been recommended by our Organizing Committee Member, for inviting you as a Speaker for our upcoming conference toxicology-2019 (International Conference on Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology) during September 23-24, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. Since you have research related to our conference, we are honor have your presence and valuable speech at our conference under Immunology and Microbiology session. Kindly have a glance at our conference website: [← McAfee warned that the website is malicious.]
    Please let me know your opinion regarding the same so that we can include your talk in the tentative program.
    For any further assistance, feel free to revert back us. Looking forward to hear from you soon
    Best regards,
    Toxicology-2019 Conference.
    Please reach me at direct 1-302-469-7080 | WhatsApp: 1-302-257-6292
  • From: Biopolymers []
    Date: Fri 4/26/19
    Subject: Recommended by Organizing committee members: BPC-2019,USA
    Dear Dr.
    You have been recommended by our Organizing Committee Members, for inviting you as a Speaker for our Global Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry Congress during November12-13, 2019 in Las Vegas, USA; with the theme “Present Perspective and Future Prospects of Polymer Science”.
    In this overwhelming joy, on behalf of Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to take part in our BPC-2019 Conference as a Speaker.
    We feel your participation will help us to take this conference to next level. [← not an allusion to Dante's Inferno, I hope]
    For more info, please visit
    Awaiting your reply at the earliest We look forward to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,
    With Regards,
    Akira Jones
    Please reach me at direct : 1-302-469-7080 | Whatsapp: +1 -302-308-5943
    This is not a spam message, you have received this message as you are the expert in this particular field.
    ****Note: Kindly don't tag this message as SPAM, if you are not interested reply us as Remove, so that you will never receive a message from us in future.


  1. I have a question...Is that true .. do Organizing committee members really suggested ??? do they really suggest to spam in this..

    1. An organizing committee might invite particular researchers known to its members to present their work, but reputable scientific conferences do not spam large numbers of scientists to drum up business.

    2. Yes, that's really true.. But why the Organizing committee members are not responding for these kind of activities and take action against them..

    3. Sorry, late response. They don't take action because they either do not even know they are on the organizing committee, do not know they are used in these invitations, or don't care, all they care about is being able to tell their bosses they were active as organizer of a big international conference.

  2. I recently stumbled on this: a conference listing site, catering to the needs of predatory conferences.
    If an organiser is listed among their "partners", you know straightaway that it's fraudulent.

  3. Hello everyone.

    I have been invited to this conference but I am suspicious after leading your messages, I think that I should cancel it before registering.