Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BIT's World DNA Day Is Back

BIT won't quit.* Now it wants me "to be the chair/speaker at Theme 5-2: Bio-diagnosis and Biotherapy" of its World DNA Day. Being neither a biologist nor a physician, I am not sure how "presenting about DH Kaye," as the emailer of many names (Audrey, Helen, and Jessica) propose, could "create huge opportunities for the famous coastal City by showcasing the growth and breakthrough of life sciences at a time when so many new therapies and diagnostic evaluations are available." Oh well, here's the first email. I anticipate more.
From: audrey (
Sent: Jul 19 at 2:30 AM
Re: 3114-Entitled to be Chair/Speakers for WDD-2018, Dalian, China
We are proud to announce that BIT’s 9th Annual World DNA Day (WDD-2018) will be held on April 25-27, 2018 in Dalian, China. We cordially welcome you to be the chair/speaker at Theme 5-2: Bio-diagnosis and Biotherapy while presenting about DH Kaye. ... WDD-2018 will be held in April 25-27, 2018 in Dalian, China, is to follow up the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the publication of DNA double-helix structure in Nature from April 25, 1953 by Dr. James Watson and Dr. Francis Crick.
WDD, as one of the BIT’s branded conferences, had been successfully organized in Dalian, Xi’an and Nanjing in last eight years. To update the frontiers of life sciences and Industrial Biotechnology, WDD-2018 comes to Dalian City again. We believe worldwide scientists and biotech entrepreneurs in Bioscientific fields will create huge opportunities for the famous coastal City by showcasing the growth and breakthrough of life sciences at a time when so many new therapies and diagnostic evaluations are available. The conference has broad public support and has the additional goal of spreading and increasing the understanding of modern biological sciences among the lay public. The idea exchanges are always helpful for generating positive impact on propelling the regional advancement of science and technology.
BIT’s 8th Annual World DNA Day (WDD-2017), was successfully held in Hilton Xi’an, China during April 25-27, 2017. Almost 1000 participants from over 32 countries and regions shared the details of their research during the sessions. It was sure to announce it gained a great success.
The following is the Preliminary Program:
Theme 1: Prologue & DNA Day Ceremonial Fire
Theme 2: Ice Breaking & Reception
Theme 3: Golden Ceremony
Theme 4: Scientific Collision
Theme 5: Translational Bioeconomy
Theme 6: Biosafety/Bioethics
Theme 7: Bio-Education & Bio-Training
Theme 8: Community Alliance
Theme 9: Bio-Culture
Theme 10: Farewell Ceremony
... We expect your precious comments or suggestions; also your reference to other speakers will be highly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your replies on the following questions: 1. What is the title of your speech? 2. Do you have any suggestions about our program? ...
Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Jessica Yang
Organizing Committee of WDD-2018, BIT Congress Inc., East Wing, 11F, Dalian Ascendas IT Park, No. 1 Hui Xian Yuan, Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone, LN 116025, P.R.China, Tel: 0086-411-84799609-826, Fax: 0086-411-84799629, Email:
* Correspondence about WDD-2011 is on the posting about The Dalian Letters.


  1. Haha - thank you. I just wanted to share my pleasure at the gorgeous florid prose in this invitation from a firm supposedly in Lewes, Delaware:

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  2. I got one of this today and was wondering...wth?